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Book Quotes:

“We are not slaves!” cried one of the panther girls. “We are panther women!”
~ Hunters of Gor

“The girl, Verna,” he said, “had fled.”
“Thank you, Warrior,” said Marlenus, dismissing the man. Then Marlenus turned to me. “You see,” said he, “the game is already begun.”

It was a hot afternoon, late in the afternoon. It was the day following Verna’s flight.
We rose together, and went to the gate, and had it opened. We saw Verna immediately. There were two short choke straps on her neck, each held by a different panther girl. Her wrists had been bound behind her back. Further, at two places, across her shoulders and belly, her arms, with coils of binding fiber, very tight, were pinioned. She knelt between her two captors. There were several more girls, armed, behind her.

“We have caught an escaped slave,” said Hura.

Hura reached to Verna’s collar. She dug her fingers between the neck and the steel and jerked it, twice. “The collar of this slave girl,” she said, “says that she belongs to Marlenus of Ar.”
“That is true,” said Marlenus.

“I am not one of your girls!” screamed Verna. “I am not one of your girls! I am Verna! Verna, the outlaw woman! Verna, the panther girl!”

“I will give you a steel knife,” said Marlenus, “and forty arrow points for her.”
“Very well,” said Hura.

“I do not care if you beat me,” said Verna, in pain. “I have felt the whip.”
But Marlenus dragged her past the whipping post. I could see that this frightened her.
Marlenus stopped at the side of his great tent, in an open space.

“Who are you?” asked Marlenus.
“I am Verna,” she said, “the outlaw.”
Then, to her astonishment, and that of all those watching, saving the Ubar himself, Marlenus took the key to her collar from his pouch. He opened the collar and replaced the key in his pouch. He then removed the collar from her throat and cast it to one side, in the dirt.
She looked up at him, puzzled.
“Hamstring the outlaw,” he said.

Hanging is a not uncommon penalty in the northern forests for outlawry. Another such penalty, not infrequently inflicted, is hamstringing.
“No, Ubar!” she said. “Please, Ubar!”

A fifth huntsman, at a sign from Marlenus, stepped behind the girl. He removed his sleen knife from its sheath. I saw the edge of the blade touch the right tendon.
“I am a woman!” screamed Verna. “I am a woman!”
“No,” said Marlenus. “You are an outlaw.”
“I am a woman!” screamed Verna. “I am a woman! I am a woman!”
“No,” said Marlenus. “You have only the body of a woman. Inside your body you are a man.”
“No!” she wept. “No! Inside I am a woman! I am a woman!”
“Is it true?” asked Marlenus.
“Yes, yes!” wept Verna.
“You acknowledge yourself a female then,” asked Marlenus, “within as well as without.”
“Yes” cried Verna. “I am a female!”
“Completely?” asked Marlenus.
“Yes, yes,” wept Verna, “I am completely a female.”
“And not a man as well?” pressed Marlenus.
“I am completely and only a female,” wept Verna.
“Then,” said Marlenus, “it seems we should not hamstring you as an outlaw.”
Verna’s body shuddered with relief. She shook in the arms of her captors.
But they did not release her.
“Then,” said Marlenus, “you may be hamstrung for being an escaped slave girl.”
Terror sprang anew into Verna’s eyes.
It was true. The second penalty for an escaping girl, one who has fled before, is not uncommonly hamstringing. I had seen hamstrung girls, begging, piteous in the streets of Ar. It was not a pleasant sight.
“Hamstring the slave,” said Marlenus.
“Master!” screamed Verna. “Master!”
Marlenus’ hand indicated that the knife, poised, hesitate. The words that she had spoken stunned us, all save Marlenus. She had called him Master.
The huntsmen held the slave.
“Please, Master!” wept Verna. “Do not hurt me! Do not hurt me, Master!”
“The slave begs for mercy,” said one of the huntsmen.
“Is this true?” asked Marlenus.
“Yes, Master,” wept Verna. “I am yours. I am your girl. I am your slave. I beg for mercy. I beg for mercy, Master!”
“Release her,” said Marlenus. The huntsman resheathed his sleen knife. The others released the girl. She knelt on the ground, her head down. her hair forward, her shoulders and body shaking, trembling with terror.
The other girls, too, were frightened, Verna’s girls, in their panther skins, chained by their right ankle. Hura, and Mira, too, were shaken.
Verna had been shattered. Her pride, her obstinacy were gone.
She looked up at Marlenus, as a slave girl looks to the eyes of a master.
She knew then she was his.
~ Hunters of Gor Pages 157-162


Panther Girls refer to themselfes usually as “Forest Women”, “Panther Women”, “Outlaws”, rarely perhaps as “Women”, in times of stress perhaps as “Panther Girls”. Men refer to them as “Panther Girls” or “Forest Girls”.
The shortened term “Panthers” is not used for the women, but for the predator cat animal.

Advise for SL Roleplay

The single term “Panthers” as much as “Treehugger”, “Treeslut” and similar I advise to discontinue. Gorean swearwords are described in the books, and usually much more athmospheric to be used than leanwords from other fantasy MMORPGs (Treehugger is a common term for woodelfs in other games).


Book Quotes:

“But, unfortunately for us, your capture was effected by slavers, and they wished to take you south for a better price. Accordingly we used panther girls. Verna and her band, to acquire you.” He smiled again. “It was, incidentally, must less expensive.”
I looked at him in irritation.
“You cost only one hundred arrow points.”
~ Captive of Gor, pages 148-149

I recognized her as one of the girl’s of Verna’s band.
~ Captive of Gor, page 213

The girls of Verna’s band stood about the edge of the circle. They did not speak. They were breathing deeply. They seemed restless. Several had their eyes closed, their fists clenched. Their weapons had been discarded.
~ Captive of Gor, page 131

Then there were none who had not entered that savage circle, save Verna, the band’s leader, proud and superb, armed and disdainful, and Elinor Brinton, a bound slave.
~ Captive of Gor, pages 132-134


Often we hear the word “Tribe” or “Sisterhood” being used in SL Gor and all kinds of fancy names, Sa here, Tre’sha there, and likewise. In the books though people do not talk neither about tribes nor about such names which translate into “Daughter of…”, “Precious …”, “Fire of…” or similar. Both panther girls and others talk about “Bands”, and the band is usually called like their leader: Verna’s Band, Hura’s Band, etc..
Aside of that, panther girl bands are nomadic bands of female outlaws (which means basically to have no / live outside of the range of homestone/caste on Gor), living a savage life in the harsh wilderness of Gor. They are not romantic families, not loving or noble cause following sisterhoods, and not tribal village communities either.

Advise for SL Roleplay

As a technical group in SL has an unchangeable name, I recommend to actually use such a “fake Gorean name” as technical groupname, but form the group titles flexible in a Gorean fashion, e.g. “Hala’s Band Panther”, “Second to Hala”, “Hala’s Band High Girl”, etc.