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DISCLAIMER: The RP Guides are free to share! I just demand that my Name (Violetta Daviau) keeps in the NCs / Copies and is being mentioned as creator. The classes and guides are to not being altered.


Book Quotes:

Some girls attempt to flee to the greenwood forests of the north. In such forests, in certain territories, there roam bands of free women, the lithe, ferocious Panther Girls of Gor, but these despise and hate women not of their own fierce ilk; in particular do they revile and hold in contempt girls, beauties, who have been slaves to men; should such a girl, fleeing enter the cool vastness of their green domain, she is commonly hunted down like a tabuk doe and cruelly captured; the forests are not for such as she; she is tethered and bound, and often lashed, then driven by switches helplessly to the shores of Thassa or the banks of the Laurius, and then sold back to men, usually for weapons or candy.
~ Slave Girl of Gor, pg 98

“… He looked at the man. “Do you recall your price?”
“Two steel knives,” said the man, “and fifty steel arrow points.”
“And a stone of hard candies, from the kitchens of Ar,” smiled Samos.
“Yes,” said the man, through gritted teeth.
~ Hunters of Gor, pg 13

“But, unfortunately for us, your capture was effected by slavers, and they wished to take you south for a better price. Accordingly we used panther girls. Verna and her band, to acquire you.” He smiled again. “It was, incidentally, must less expensive.”
I looked at him in irritation.
“You cost only one hundred arrow points.”
~ Captive of Gor, pages 148-149

There was a leather bag, on two leather strings, which hung from a hook outside the door.
There was no sound from within the house.
Verna removed the bag from its hook and knelt down on the ground, the other girls around her. She shook the contents of the bag on the ground. It contained steel arrow points. She counted them in the light of the moons. There were one hundred of them.
Verna gave six points to each of her girls. Ten she kept for herself. She, and they, put the points into the pouches they wore at their belts.
I looked at her, shaking my head, not believing what I had seen. Could it be that this, and this alone, was my price, that I had been purchased for only this, the points for one hundred arrows?
~ Captive of Gor, pages 136-137

“A steel knife for each,” I proposed to Sheera, “and twenty arrow points, of steel, for each.”
“Forty arrow points for each, and the knives,” said Sheera, cutting at the sand.
I could see she did not much want to conduct these negotiations. Her heart was not in the bargaining. She was angry. “Very well,” I said.
“And a stone of candies,” she said, looking up, suddenly.
“Very well,” I said.
“For each!” she demanded.
“Very well,” I said.
She slapped her knees and laughed. The girls seemed delighted. There was little sugar in the forest, save naturally in certain berries, and simple hard candies, such as a child might buy in shops in Ar, or Ko-ro-ba, were, among the panther girls in the remote forests, prized. It was not unknown that among the bands in the forests, a male might be sold for as little as a handful of such candies. When dealing with men, however, the girls usually demanded, and received, goods of greater value to them, usually knives, arrow points, small spear points; sometimes armlets, and bracelets and necklaces, and mirrors; sometimes slave nets and slave traps, to aid in their hunting; sometimes slave chains, and manacles, to secure their catches.
~ Hunters of Gor page 31

“Tie her for the beasts,” said the woman who had spoken before.
“We could trade her on the coast, for a vessel of ka-la-na,” said one of the Panther Women.
~ Smugglers of Gor


Panther women trade mostly offering slaves of both genders and various backgrounds, asking for – according to the various quotes – steel arrow heads and luxury items such as barbaric golden adornments, iron mirrors and candy stones which is rare in the Northern Forests.

Advise for SL Roleplay

I advise to stay as realistic as possible in playing trades, foremost to not turn the entire set of requirements a wilderness life brings with it vain. Realistically seen a panther woman does not have all too much to offer but information, services and slaves. Furs are in scarce supply and needed by the band itself – assuming they do not kill and let most of their prey rott in their domain, which, in itself, would not make sense. Asking for Blackwine, Paga and such does not make much sense either, as one is too expensive and rare even for cities on Gor, the other is too brutal for a female body commonly.
In two stories panther women used wine, yet not as a personal leisure really. In both times it was used as tool in a hideous trap, it was never a luxury party drink for the women itself.
If offering something as a panther woman on a trade, something aside slaves, I recommend to consider what one can produce and craft from nature without heavy iron tools or a science needed to create it. Such things could be carved Kaissa figurines, selfmade soap, gathered wild honey, berries, roots, herbs and single spices that are not common outside the forests.
What panther girls request for their trades is, as per the quotes found, arrow heads, slave shackles and nets, golden bangles, mirrors, candy. As to not restrict it to this but keep in the sense and athmosphere of what the books tells, one can surely assume that they also ask for other iron wares like spear tips, sleen knifes, maybe smaller tools, collars, then also eventually salt to keep meat sustainable through the winter, and likewise things. Most else panther women will abstain from or can gather/craft from nature itself, respectively substitute with other things. E.g. you do not need iron nails if you can knot saplings together with selfmade ropes.


Book Quotes:

“We were a mere ten pasangs from the exchange point where we had, the preceding day, obtained two panther girls. Male and female outlaws do not much bother one another at the exchange points. They keep their own markets. I cannot recall a case of females being enslaved at an exchange point, as they bargained with their wares, nor of males being enslaved at their exchange points, when displaying and merchandising their captures. If the exchange points became unsafe for either male or female outlaws, because of the others, the system of exchange points would be largely valueless. The permanency of the point, and its security, seems essential to the trade.”
~ Hunters of Gor Page page 27

“It was an exchange point… It is thus that outlaws, to passing ships, display their wares.”
~ Hunters of Gor page 18


Panther women trade at tradeposts that are located at a river shore, usually the Laurius river or the Thassa ocean shores. Their tradeposts are seperated from those of other – male – outlaws of the Northern Forests.
At these tradeposts they meet with journeying merchants who appear to check the posts in more or less fixed intervals to see if there are panther women waiting there for a trade.
Given that panther women are outlaws, the safety is crucial to the existance and functioning of such tradeposts. Would a party have a clear risk of being enslaved or slain at such, soon after no one would visit the tradepost anymore and it would become useless.

Advise for SL Roleplay

In SL Gor roleplay least players use to check panther woman sim tradeposts on regular base or wait there until one comes by. A Book Gorean just as much more a normal life in which such occurs and much more time at hands than an earthen roleplayer.
Opposed to that many cities or villages nevertheless have some kind of tradepost outfront on which such can happen. I advise for roleplays of panther woman roleplayers to be rather restrictive in approaching such cities and also to limit their visits on book authentic places, i.e. cities that lay close to the Northern Forests like Lydius, Laura, Kassau, Rive-de-Bois and similar. Especially one should not go there to trade for whatever luxury goods or else offering stuff one would realistically have not much of, but only if one has indeed a captive player whom one wishes to get more roleplay as captive/slave than one can offer them oneself if one does not want to set him free (sidenote: Goreans rarely set a slave free, I personally do not release them either, but at times sell them to rivership NPC captains from whom they can flee if they want or play to be brought to another city and sold there as a slave).