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Living Space of the Northern Forests

That panther girls live pretty much exclusively in the Northern Forests of Gor has been apparent since books like “Hunters of Gor” and “Captive of Gor” – the entire Verna plot taking place between Lydius, a city at the Laurius river close to the shore of the Thassa ocean, and 100 pasangs north of Lydius in the Northern Forests.

The Northern Forests span – according to commonly available fan fiction maps – about 6.000 pasangs from the Thassa shore to the Barrens (east to west) and 3.000 pasangs from the height of the Laurius river shore cities Lydius, Laura and Rive de Bois to the brinks of the Torvaldslands, Hrimgar Mountains, to which they directly attach.

The book Smugglers of Gor seems to locate the habitat of panther girls though even yet more narrow, while actively showing that under circumstances panther girls do travel for their business:

In some places, farther south, there are women in the forest who do not belong to men. They are free women and hate us, for we belong to men. If they capture us they beat us and sell us. But if they are captured, it is said that they, too, quickly, learn they belong to men. Apparently they sell well.
(Smugglers of Gor, p.31)

I had heard of Panther Girls but did not think there would be many, if any, about, this far north. Some bands, I had heard, roamed in the vicinity of the Laurius, much farther south. Too, in a few weeks winter would greet the forest. Should I encounter Panther Girls I thought I might join their band. But then I touched my neck. There was a collar on it. Panther Girls were free women. They despised slaves. Woe to the slave who fell into their hands! I did not understand the hatred of Panther Girls for slaves. What were they afraid of? Did they, in all their vaunted freedom, in their skins and necklaces, fear something in themselves? What might it be? Could it be the slave?
(Smugglers of Gor, p.358-359)

But I did not understand how there could be Panther Girls this far north, certainly not in the autumn, with winter looming. Had not ice been noted in the Alexandra? One thinks of Panther Girls much farther south, perhaps in the basin and environs of the Laurius, not the Alexandra. Their presence here was certainly anomalous.
(Smugglers of Gor, Chapter 29)

Men talk much in their cups and I, posing as a free brothel mistress, shopping for brothel slaves, in various taverns, learned these things. It was then only necessary to contact the employer, and convince him that we might serve his purpose. Who would suspect a handful of Panther Women? Indeed, who might even know they were about? We know the forests, and their ways. We can move as quietly as the night. We can live off the land, like the beasts. We can hunt like the panther, and strike like the ost. We could well succeed where men, unfamiliar with the woods and woodcraft, would be likely to fail. Too, Panther Women do not range that far north, and it is late autumn. We would not be anticipated. Few would think of us, at all, if they did, certainly not that late in the season. Would we not be ideal for his purposes?
(Smugglers of Gor, pg 443)

Assuming that Alexandra is located somewhere in the heigth of Kassau, Helmutsport, maybe even Hammersgaard (based on this map), a few optional conclusions can be drawn:

Option 1: only north of the Laurius river

At least in the width of the Torvaldslands, i.e. from the Thassa ocean in the east to the midst of the Hrimgar Mountains in the west, which is about the same span as the Laurius river is long, and from the brinks of the Torvaldslands to the north southwards to only a few hundret pasangs north of the Laurius, no panther girls would live.

Option 2: just not south of Torvaldsland

Since the quotes only exclude the the area South of Alexandra, and tells that a person has heard of panther girls having been spotted north of the Laurius, it could be that panther girls live in the entire Northern Forests, just not in the area directly south of the Torvaldslands.

Option 3: just not spottet but there

The book tells that they have just not been spottet there, which though does not necessarily mean that they do not live there, yet maybe not seeking active or even hostile contact to the northmen. Given the fact that panther girls do consider themselfes at least able to travel there – if taking the last quote above with a high degree of carefulness – it might well be that a few bands take just that disbelief as their best shelter.

Danger and Weather of the Northern Forests

The above quotes indicate that the Northern Forests in winter times, especially in their northern half, are very hostile, very hard to travel through or also to live in. Winter means that the weather is cold, that the prey has either traveled away or is else scarce, badly fed, and maybe often with camoflage catering fur (white winter pelts).

This can be assumed to not be only valid to panther girls realistically seen. Even though men are stronger and more enduring, they need to also fight with passing deep snow fields and lacking prey to hunt for further meals. Men are heavier than panther girls and need also more food. Predator animals will surely show a much higher aggressive behaviour.

“True,” I said. And then, one supposes, they would fall to the larls, or forest panthers, or forest sleen. They might even intrude inadvertently into the territory of a shaggy forest bosk, and be trampled or gored. Perhaps some might be apprehended by Panther Girls, and exposed on the coast, bound provocatively to stakes, to be sold to the crews of passing ships. But many, too, I supposed, might perish in the forest, due to the severity of elements, the scarcity of food.
(Smugglers of Gor, p.197)

For all seasons this quote indicates that the Northern Forests hosts many very dangerous animals, e.g. the forest panther, the forest sleen (the best hunter of Gor), the Larl (the massive sabretooth cat with nearly man’s height at its shoulders), also the forest bosk and surely others, then of course Panther Girls but also – according to the earlier books, other, male outlaws. The last of the upper chapter’s quotes indicates also the Ost, the dangerous small snake which poison kills in five ehn, living in the Northern Forests.

In addition to that we can assume that the Northern Forests are, given they are wide spanning, very deep, thick, in spots nearly impenetrable, and that one needs special skills to roam within them, skills to a certain extend to roam more or less comfortably as panther girls have them. The Northern Forests, given they are located on a world which culture and civilization advancements focus on big city states, are uncultivated, uncharted, finding a coincidental animal trample path is more likely than to find anything resembling a human made path or even bosk or tharlarion wagon usable road.