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Entering civilization

DISCLAIMER: The RP Guides are free to share! I just demand that my Name (Violetta Daviau) keeps in the NCs / Copies and is being mentioned as creator. The classes and guides are to not being altered.

Book Quotes:

“I have heard, too, that the girls of Verna, chief of the panther girls, were freed in Ar, surreptitiously, and are believed to have escaped northward. In this I think I see the hand of Rask of Treve, or perhaps even of Verna, a most unusual woman, herself.”
~ Captive of Gor

Anticipating such a desire,” laughed Verna, “we had written confirmation of the enactment, signed with the seal of Marlenus himself. Further, documents proclaiming the disowning, officially notarized with the seals of Ar and Marlenus, will soon be posted in all the major Gorean cities.”
“One, even now,” said Mira, “stands on the news board in Laura.” I had little doubt that panther girls, in disguise, perhaps veiled, in Robes of Concealment, or perhaps even as scantily clad, haughty, brazen slave girls, knowing their collars were meaningless, occasionally penetrated towns such as Lydius or Laura.”
~ Hunters of Gor, p. 210

Advise for SL Roleplay

In Second Life Gor apparently many panther girl players use to disguise their avatar as a slave or free woman and enter cities, villages, and that all over the Gorean continent.
This is usually based on the handed around information that Verna, the epic panther girl chieftess that occurs in several books, goes to Ar to free her band mates. This though was not the case, Verna did not enter Ar, as the above quote shows as at least very likely.

As a first this is a spoken assumption, not a stated facts between the wordings of protagonists, and not backed up by any other mentioning that shows it would have been Verna. For Rask of Treve it is much more plausible to enter such a city, which lays very far from the Northern Forests (approx 1.100 pasangs, 1.300 km straight, 2.400 Pasangs, 2.900 km to where Verna’s camp is said to be). Panther girls, not being able to use Tarns or similar, having to be very carefull on travel, i.e. having to travel at night and cover, would need – e.g. from Verna’s camp to Ar – assuming a 20 Pasangs / 24 km a day on average (hunting requirements and dangers included), 120 days, 4 months, for one way to Ar. Which reason would be serious enough? The stealing of ten stones of bread that rott soon after? The stealing of a hammer, nails and a few arrowheads that can be acquired easier at the river-/Thassa shore tradeposts? Unlikely.

Nevertheless the other quote shows another assumption that panther girls might enter certain cities in precisely such disguise.

This appears to reduce the cities that would be penetrated – if at all – to be Lydius and Laura, yet “such as”, so surely also the others that lay in the very vicinity of the Northern Forests, e.g. Port Seaton, Caledonia, Kassau, Thorstein’s Lair, Helmutsport, Rive de Bois, Port Abishot, Iron Walls Inlet, Hammergaard, Inlet of Green Cliffs, Tarnwald and the Sardar Fairs, maybe Nadira, Port Katronius Sapair, Atria, Piedmont, Cardonicus, Harfax and similar.

Given though the rest of the described life of Panther Girls with all the required hunting, hiding, the entire background of having fled the dominance of men or outright slavery, respectively risk of it, such penetration would surely be rather uncommon and require a very serious reason to be done.

  • Why do Panther Girls trade on river or Thassa side trade posts if they can just steal it all from cities or villages?
  • Why do Panther Girls make their clothes from forest panther hides and furs if they feel so comfortable in the disguise clothings and need them even so often? Going into a city one can also steal the wilderness suiting “smale game sporting clothes” used by some Free Women that hunt for fun.
  • Why do Panther Girls hunt in the wilderness if they can just approach the next village and steal a bosk from the meadowlands around the village?
  • Why do panther girls live in crude hay huts or worse if they can just enter the next big city and enslave the next builder man in disguise, him or one of his workers?
  • Verna’s camp, as example was 100 pasangs into the northern forests, which is a safe distance. 10 pasangs is quickly passed by a sporting group of men. Given the romans managed 40 kilometers which is 33 Pasangs in one day over normal roads, a panther girl in the totally uncultivated Northern Forests would manage maybe 20 pasangs per day, and that only if she does not have to hunt or hide on the way. So why would a panther girl walk 5 days each back and forth to steal… bread that will rott on the way, a hammer and a sack of nails or what little she can actually realistically carry, a barrel of paga that is very hard on female bodies, and not even really needed?
  • The list can go on and on, but the FINAL question is: Why do panther girls FLEE from the dominance of men, the slavery or the risk of being enslaved if they daily return just there in disguise, undergoing not only risk of being enslaved, but to experience the same dominance of men right again?