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Book Quotes:

It was, of course, one thing to know this general manner of thing, and another to find Verna’s band’s camp, or their dancing circle. Each band of panther girls customarily had a semi-permanent camp, particularly in the winter, but, too, each band, customarily, had its own dancing circle. Panther girls, when their suppressed womanhood becomes sometimes too painful, repair to such places, there to dance the frenzy of their needs. But, too, it is in such places, that the enslavement of males is often consummated.
~ Hunters of Gor

The camp, and dancing circle, of Verna,” said the first girl, Tana, “lies north and east of Laura. Go to the slave compounds at the outskirts of Laura. Then, where the forest begins, look for a Tur tree, blazed ten feet above the ground, with the point of a girl’s spear. From this tree, travel generally north, seeking similarly blazed trees, a quarter of a passang apart. There are fifty such trees. At the fiftieth there is a double blaze. Go then north by northeast. Again trees are blazed, but now, at the foot of the trunk, by the mark of a sleen knife. Go twenty such trees. then look for a Tur tree, torn by lightning. A passang north by northeast from that tree, again look for blazed trees, but now the blazing is, as before, high on the trunk, and made by a girl’s spear. Again go twenty such trees. You will then be in the vicinity of Verna’s dancing circle. Her camp, on the north bank of a tiny stream, well concealed, is two passangs to the north.
~ Hunters of Gor, page 39

It consisted of five huts, conical, of woven sapling and thatched, and was surrounded by a small palisade of sharpened saplings. A rough gate, fastened with vines, gave entrance into the camp. In the center of the camp there was a cooking hole, banked with a circle of flat stones. On a wooden spit, set on sticks, grease dropping into the fire and flaming, was a thigh of tabuk.
It smelled good. The smoke, in a thin line, trickled upward into the sky.
The thigh of tabuk was tended by a squatting panther girl, who, from time to time, picked bits of meat from it and thrust them in her mouth. She sucked her fingers clean. Over to one side another girl worked on a slave net, reworking and reknotting the weighted cords.
Elsewhere two girls, sitting cross-legged, were playing a cat’s-cradle game, matching one another’s intricate patterns with the twine. They were skillful. This game is popular in the north, particularly in the villages. It is also played frequently in Torvaldsland.
I saw, clearly, no other panther girls in or about the enclosure. I did see, however, a movement within one of the huts, and I supposed that to be another girl.
I saw no evidence of Talena. She might, of course, lie chained within one of the dark huts. Perhaps the movement I had seen within the hut had been she. I did not know.
One thing, however, seemed quite clear. Not all of Verna’s band was now within the enclosure.
There was probably five or six girls there at the most.
Her band, most reports agreed, consisted of some fifteen women.
~ Hunters of Gor

Two more girls arrived at the camp, and untied the gate, entered, and then retied it.
I thought they would look well in slave chains.
I looked again about the camp. I saw some poles behind the huts, on which, drying, were stretched the skins of four panthers. There were some boxes, some kegs, near one of the huts.
There was not much else.
I expected, by nightfall, all, or most, of Verna’s band would have returned to their slender stockade.
~ Hunters of Gor


Panther girls live in the Northern Forests. They do not live in Torvaldslands, they do not live at the Vosk or in the shadow of Ar’s walls, they do not live in the Vosk delta and if they are in the jungles, they are not panther girls but talunas.
The camp of Verna is described as a gathering of crude, thatched huts at a very remote location, about 25 pasangs deep in the Northern Forests, surrounded by a sleen fence only. Panther Girl camps are apparently well hidden, semi-permanent (i.e. the band moves now and then) and at max a secret trail of marks leads to it. Only the winter camp seems to be more permanent.

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