Violetta Daviau

A blogging roleplayer in Second Life

Welcome to the Blog of Violetta Daviau, a.k.a. Topaz!

In my journey as roleplayer, in early 2007 I stumbled over Second Life roleplay and stayed since. It has become for me the most intense roleplay experience ever, and I enjoy the fully adult themed interaction with so many other people from all over the world.

During these plays Violetta Daviau assumed the name Topaz, and experienced thrilling adventures, sad and good times in sims for the worlds of Forgotten Realms, Gor, cannibal islands, dark urban, post apocalypse and sci fi, she had been wood elven ranger, high elven sorceress or paladin, saw the world through both the saurian eyes of a dragon as the forebodingly fluorescing eyes of a demoness, roamed the wide forests as panther girl and dwelled in the slaver irons as a kajira (slave girl), saw the galaxies as pilot of a space freigther, smuggled forbidden goods in lands devasted by zombies or meteor strikes, and much, much more.


Warning >>> There may be explicit language in some of my posts. <<< Warning
Warning >>> This blog is intended for adult readers only. <<< Warning

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